Inspiration From our Happy Customers


We often have customers contact us about replicating the look of a piece of furniture they have seen in a magazine or on the internet. Most of the time we are able to achieve the desired look. However, some designs are copyrighted and legally we cannot exactly replicate them. In such cases, we can make slight alterations to the design and still achieve the general look and feel of the inspiration image.

We once had a customer bring in an image of a table that she found in a magazine. We were able to use the image to craft the dining table she desired. In fact, her exact response was, “We love, love, love it.” We even were able to get it delivered in time for her to host a dinner party on New Year’s Eve.  If you have an image you would like for us to take a look, please get in touch via our Custom Shop page.

If you own a Carolina Farmstead table or piece of furniture, we would love to see how you have decorated it or incorporated it into your home. Any photos can be sent to