Taking the Farm Table Outside

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We received some great feedback from a customer recently about his custom set finished with Marine Varnish for outdoor use. This set features a dining table, 2 side tables, a bench, and a center coffee table. Here’s what he had to say:

We purchased an older home 4 years ago, and it has an amazing open air covered porch with a fireplace that I love. We searched everywhere for a good table that would seat 8-12, but no luck. We wanted to be able to seat 2 people per end. Pottery Barn, Frontgate, Restoration Hardware we looked everywhere.

1. No one had the size.

2. The quality for the price was not what I considered a good value.

So I started searching for woodworking shops that made tables. I spoke to a local restaurant owner who is a friend that had tables in VA custom made from reclaimed barn wood from his wife’s family farm. That maker didn’t have time for us unfortunately and I kept searching. I ran across Carolina Farmstead when the restaurant owner told me about the Chef and the Farmer. So I contact Carolina Farmstead after we looked at their products online and read their story.

Talking to Justin just once told me I had found the right place to get the table I wanted for my family to enjoy.

Justin and their team made the table to our dimensions, and in reasonable time, and delivered it. When I came home to see it I was blown away. It is heavy, sturdy, double marine varnish to stand the elements even tough its covered, and I said to myself, that’s a bad ass table for my family. I cannot tell you how many meals have been had around it on the porch. But its been a ton! It has been a part of birthdays, holidays, casual weekday dinners, wine dinners, Kentucky derby parties, Masters gatherings, kids crafts, always involved in Thanksgiving, football, oyster roast – you name it that table has seen it in 3 years and we have made so many memories around.

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Fast forward to this year. We have some nice porch furniture from Pottery Barn, but I have never liked their tables, the sizes are not great. So I contacted Justin first of the year if they could make us 2 side tables, a huge center coffee table, and a bench to go by the door. He was excited, we traded too many emails with my undecided self about size, and we got down to business in May. They were busy all summer, and I was glad for that for them, and I said no rush.

Tables arrived this August, I think – cant really remember exact, and again I was blown away! Perfectly matching the dinning table, marine varnish, perfect dimensions I gave to Justin and the team. Once again, I was excited that my family could enjoy our porch with one of a kind tables to spend together around and make more memories, set drinks on, prop our feat up on, create cool center pieces for gathers, and my boys to have a place to sit to take shoes off before tracking in dirt in the house. They are perfect.

Carolina Farmstead will always be my #1 go to for any tables my family needs. And since they have started making chairs we may start to add some of the chairs to our dining table on the porch.

This Thanksgiving my cousin fell in love with the tables. She is remodeling her kitchen in their incredible river cottage where they live and she has already contacted Justin.

What sold me – Justin and his since of pride in their family business and their product – even before I ever saw anything. What made me go back – their quality, craftsmanship, and Justin’s great way of taking care of customers. We’ve never met, but he knows if I get down that way, we’re having a beer together. We have a 50 year old family auto dealership business, and Justin and his family remind me a lot about our family business, hands on, pride in what you do, and help your customers 120%!

These guys are great, and I hope they sell the hell out of some tables for other people to be proud of and make memories around. Good people, product and an outstanding value!

-Eley Duke

Get your custom farm table order started today at https://www.carolinafarmstead.com/custom-shop/

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