4 Fall Ideas to Spice Up Your Farm Table


4 Fall Ideas to Spice Up Your Farm Table

Farm Table Decorating for Fall

Make it Scary

Who doesn’t like something a little spooky on the table? Have a look through those old Halloween decorations in the attic and see what you can scare up for your dinner guests (or the kids!) Make it a meal they won’t forget but leave out the real gore; it might not be appetizing for diners with a weak stomach. Otherwise, have fun with it! The only downside to this option is that it probably won’t last very far into November as it will just get creepy. 

Make it Shabby-Chic

Seems like that rustic and relaxed trend is hotter than ever. Whether that antique piece is authentic or just made to look old, add it to your farm table centerpiece for a conversation starter at dinner time. If your table is already shabby, consider some pastel colors, vintage lace and/or feminine florals. You’ll be surprised what works when put together.

Make it Simple

Less is more as they say. Let the table speak for itself. Incorporate subtle colors when choosing table decor, and make it more about the table than the decorations. This option is great for decorating on a budget. Keep it simple with pieces that you already have such as candles and neutral dish ware, and spice it up with gold flatware to accent your farm table for a casual but classy dining experience.

Fall Farm Table Ideas

Make a Statement

The goal here is to add a “wow factor” to your dining room and leave your guests with something to remember. If you’re looking for a little project, why not try a DIY cornucopia centerpiece. Use decor items such as small pumpkins, beaded corn, gourds, berries, fall leaves, flowers, and even feathers to create a unique statement piece.

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