Frequently Asked Questions


Top Questions

What makes Carolina Farmstead different?

Solid construction, careful hand craftsmanship, attention to every detail, and the ability to custom build your furniture to whatever size or finished color you want are a few of the things that make Carolina Farmstead different. Please see our Roots and Quality pages to learn more.

Is your furniture solid wood?

Yes. The raw materials used in the construction of our furniture are 100% solid wood and sourced domestically as well as locally. We do not use veneers or fibreboard (MDF).

Is your furniture environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our finishing products are GREENGUARD certified as environmentally friendly and many are water based.

Who are the people behind Carolina Farmstead and how can I learn more about them?

Carolina Farmstead was founded by the Noble family of Snow Hill, North Carolina. Wayne is the patriarch and founder. His sons run the business. To get to know the Noble family better, please begin with our Roots page. 

Are more sizes available?

Yes, table sizes are available by the inch and most pieces can be customized to your needs.

If I have a picture of a piece I like, can you create something similar?

Yes. Pictures help us to know exactly what you like. We can almost always make you something similar. Many customers find our style to be somewhat similar to Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. While we must make any design modeled after a photo at least 20% different for copyright purposes, we are good at mimicking the look and feel of those (and other) big brands while providing customizable size and color, distinctive design touches, and in many cases a better quality solid wood product.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. You may also pay with cash or with a personal, business, or bank check. 

Where is Carolina Farmstead located?

We are located at 1012 Hardy Road, Snow, Hill, North Carolina, not far from the city of Greenville. We deliver and ship our beautiful handcrafted furniture all over the country.

Do you have a showroom? Where can I look at some finished pieces in person?

We do not maintain a showroom or design center, but our workshop is open by appointment. We also utilize modern technology to let customers experience our work as much as possible via the internet before purchase through means such as high-resolution photos, videos, computer-generated sketches, downloadable PDFs, video Skype chats, and physical sample chips which can be custom finished and mailed to you upon request. This set-up allows us to keep our furniture affordable, as well as to reduce our environmental impact.


Building Process and Availability

Are any items in stock and available immediately?

Most of our pieces are created on a made-to-order model, meaning that your pieces are handcrafted from scratch specifically for you. However, we sometimes have pieces available immediately, such as when another customer has made a last minute change in specifications or we've batched a group of pieces in a particular style resulting in extras being created. Immediately available items are announced on our Facebook page and are listed in the In Stock section of our online shop. 

What kind of wood do you use most often? Are more woods available?

We use reclaimed pine most often, but also sometimes use new high quality, kiln-dried white pine. We tend to like pine best because it is soft enough to allow for charming dings and nicks over time, but still strong enough to be very sturdy and durable. Additional types of wood are available, please contact us for more details.

Are there chemicals in reclaimed wood? How does Carolina Farmstead prevent potentially dangerous chemical exposure?

There certainly can be chemicals in reclaimed wood, but not in ours. When reclaiming wood from old houses, we choose interior rather than exposed walls. And to be extra careful, our team keeps good notes about exactly where the wood comes from. Sometimes a piece of wood with chemical exposure will sneak in, but luckily the wood shows a discoloration when it comes out of the kiln if chemicals are present. If we see that tell-tale discoloration, we toss the affected boards out.

How is your furniture finished?

We use a variety of professional grade oils, paints, and stains, and we have our own custom line of stain colors called Farmstead Hues. Our finishing products are GREENGUARD certified as having low chemical emissions, and many are water based. If you have severe chemical sensitivities or prefer a completely non-toxic finish, please see the online color guide for AMF Safecoat Stains & Sealers.

Can you provide me sample blocks so I can examine the colors and finishes I'm considering in my own home?

Yes. We have our own line of custom stain colors called Farmstead Hues, and we are happy to provide you a sample block kit upon request. If you need the color(s) tweaked after seeing the sample kit, we can provide additional custom color blocks.

Do you make chairs?

We do. We have our own line of chairs and we will be adding new designs. You can learn more by visiting our Seating page. We also make several styles of dining benches and some people even put benches around all four sides of their table for a nice relaxed vibe.

Are the accessories in your photos for sale?

The pillows, window treatments, dinnerware, and other accessories seen in our photos are all for show in order to dress up our wooden furniture and allow you to envision what it may look like in your own space. If you see something you really like, ask us and we'll be happy to let you know where we got it!

Where is your furniture built?

Our furniture is built by the Noble family and their team on the family farmstead in Snow Hill, North Carolina. 

Is Carolina Farmstead furniture available from other retailers? Do you sell wholesale?

Carolina Farmstead furniture is only available for purchase from We do not sell wholesale.

Do you offer discounts for the purchase of multiple items?

We offer a discount with the purchase of 5 or more items. Please contact us for a custom quote. If you'd like to receive promotional and new product information, sign up for our free e-list and follow us on Facebook.

Do you sell in bulk to restaurants and other commercial clients?

Yes. We provide furniture to restaurants and other commercial clients and we offer additional discounts when bulk orders are placed. Please contact us if your restaurant or commercial property is interested in purchasing our distinctive furniture. In addition to getting a great product, choosing our brand will be helpful to your marketing efforts since you will be able to say that your furniture was handmade in America and is environmentally friendly.  Please see our Restaurants page.


Purchasing and Delivery

I'm ready to make a purchase. How do I get the process started?

You may begin by using the Add to Cart button on the item you're interested in or by contacting us via email or phone. If you contact us rather than simply clicking Add to Cart, we'll get all the details of your order recorded and will then send you an invoice through which you may submit a deposit electronically. Once payment is received, you will be added to our production calendar and provided an estimated completion date range.

I'd like to have sample blocks mailed to me, but I want to get on the production calendar right away. Can my finish color be listed as TBD?

Yes. Finishing happens at the end of the building process, so as long as you are sure about your item size and build specs we encourage you to place your order while waiting on your sample blocks to arrive. If we haven't heard from you regarding finish by the time your item is ready for that part of the process, we will get in touch with you. 

Are your delivery options nationwide?  What does it cost to ship an item outside of Eastern North Carolina?

Yes. We offer shipping within the Contiguous US through both our own delivery service and third party carriers.  Please note that shipping and delivery costs are not included in the price of our items. Shipping within our local delivery area costs $200 and outside of our local delivery area is $350. Please ask us for details.

How long does it take to receive my purchases?

Lead times vary, but we will provide an estimated completion date range at the time of your order. Most dining table and bench orders are filled within 4 to 6 weeks, while orders for custom furniture items (which we consider to be anything other than dining tables and benches) sometimes take longer. Please note that completion time does not necessarily correspond with delivery time. Depending on shipping logistics, there may be an additional wait time between completion of your items and delivery. 

Why is there so much uncertainty in the lead time for crafting my furniture?

The time frame for crafting your furniture depends on what's in our queue at the time of purchase and the complexity and/or degree of customization of your specific pieces. When you place your order, we provide you with a reasonable estimated date range of when your furniture will be ready for delivery. Feel free to check in with us regarding the status of your order at any time.

How does the experience of purchasing a piece of furniture from Carolina Farmstead compare to purchasing from a big box retailer?

We understand that buying made-to-order, hand crafted furniture is a big decision and we work with every customer to set clear expectations. When compared to purchasing from a big box retailer that produces furniture from a machine mold in an factory, purchasing from us is more like commissioning a work of art. The benefits are many. Perhaps most importantly, our made-to-order model allows for complete customization of your furniture, so if our existing published items don't meet your needs we can create custom items that do at no additional charge. In our woodshop, the hands of our craftsmen tend to every detail of your piece in a process that is both time intensive and highly personal. The results are stunning and the quality is much higher than factory-made items, but there are some inherent differences in the customer experience as compared to a traditional big box retailer. Longer lead times, lead time uncertainty, and a no-return or cancellation policy after a 72-hour change period are to be expected. If you have questions or concerns about the experience of purchasing a handcrafted work of art from us, we are happy to discuss them with you.

What if I don't like the item?

Please see our Return Policy.