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Carolina Farmstead Founder Wayne Noble

Wayne Noble


Wayne Noble is the Founder of Carolina Farmstead, a history buff, and a proud father and grandfather.

He sources the reclaimed wood that Carolina Farmstead uses to build its furniture. He was inspired to use reclaimed wood after seeing an old house being deconstructed in his native eastern North Carolina. He spent more than a decade selling reclaimed wood flooring before founding Carolina Farmstead and shifting his focus to furniture.

Wayne brings his love of history to his work at Carolina Farmstead by keeping a record of the source of the wood in each piece of furniture so that each piece tells a story.

Carolina Farmstead Operations Manager Justin Noble

Justin Noble

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager for Carolina Farmstead, Justin Noble keeps the business running smoothly. He enjoys working with customers and talking to people. Before working at Carolina Farmstead, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in political science from East Carolina University.

Shortly after graduating, he was injured in a serious car accident, along with his brother Matt, which left him paralyzed and gave his brother a traumatic brain injury. Since the accident, Justin and Matt have worked together to help each other in life and in business. Justin uses his sharp brain to help Matt, and Matt uses his strong body and legs to help Justin.

The local community came together to support Justin and his brother after the accident, and at Carolina Farmstead he wishes to make the community that cared so deeply for his family proud.

Carolina Farmstead Lead Craftsman Matt Noble

Matt Noble

Lead Craftsman

Matt Noble is the Lead Craftsman for Carolina Farmstead. He and his wife Natalie have a little boy named Noah who is their pride and joy. Like his older brother, Justin, Matt also studied political science at East Carolina University before working at Carolina Farmstead.

Matt and his brother Justin were both injured in a serious car accident during college, which left Matt with traumatic brain injury and paralyzed Justin. Since the accident, the two brothers have helped each other out in life and in business. Matt uses his strong body and legs to help Justin, and Justin uses his sharp brain to help Matt.

Matt is proud to be working with his family and has a passion for woodworking that he enjoys exploring and expanding at Carolina Farmstead.

Founder Wayne Noble with son Matt

Founder Wayne Noble with son Matt

Reclaiming Wood for Furniture

Reclaiming Wood for Furniture