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We are based in Snow Hill, North Carolina in close proximity to the city of Greenville. Please see our Contact page. We ship nationwide.

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Lead Times

When you place your order, we will provide you with a reasonable estimated date range of when your furniture will be ready for delivery.  We base this estimate on the total amount of furniture already on order with us and the current rate at which we're delivering furniture each week. Most dining table and bench orders are filled within 4 to 6 weeks, while orders for custom furniture items (which we consider to be anything other than dining tables and benches) sometimes take longer. Please note that completion time does not necessarily correspond with delivery time if you are outside of Eastern North Carolina. 

Wood Characteristics, Quality, Age, and Color

Each piece of furniture we produce is individual and unique as wood is a natural product created by nature and the natural characteristics will not allow for a uniform product. The beauty in our furniture is not in its perfection but rather in its utility, overall quality, and long-term durability. We cannot guarantee that any two pieces will be identical. This applies to individual pieces of wood, knots, wood/stain colors, character marks such as nail holes, scratches, and open cracks.

Delivery and Pick-Ups

CUSTOMER PICK-UPS: Many customers choose to pick up their furniture rather than have it delivered. Please arrange a pick up time in advance. We will load the furniture into your vehicle. We recommend you bring blankets, or other padding, and tie-downs to protect your furniture.

LOCAL DELIVERIES: We deliver our furniture within a 3 1/2 hour drive of our shop in Snow Hill, North Carolina for a flat rate. This price is for white glove service but please note that shipping and delivery costs are not included in the price or our items. Please ask us for more details.

OUT OF AREA DELIVERIES: We offer shipping outside of our local delivery area but within the Contiguous US through a third party white glove carrier. Please note that shipping and delivery costs are not included in the price of our items. We offer this service outside of our local area for a flat rate. Please ask us for details, and see both our FAQ and the Lead Times section above.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Carolina Farmstead is proud to build quality furniture and guarantee its craftsmanship for a lifetime. We are proud of our work and if a piece of furniture ever needs our attention we will take care of it.

Please see our Return Policy.